Lavey London craft ethical and sustainable fine jewellery for you to love, gift and cherish for years to come.

Inspired by the warmth and sentiment captivated by her own family heirlooms, Lavey London was founded by designer and maker, Lauren to share a piece of this joy with you and your loved ones.

Her designs are timeless, meaningful, and gentle on the environment every step of the way. A passionate advocate for ethical standards and sustainability, Lauren says no to mass-production. All pieces are crafted by hand here in the U.K. using recycled 9 carat gold, eco-silver, and lab-grown diamonds.



Pronounced La-vey London, the brand name was coined as an ode to Laurens’ British and Irish heritage.

Love care and passion is poured into each piece with the intention to create a memorable experience for all who chose to have a piece made by Lavey London. Each and every order is handcrafted bespoke using traditional techniques.

The heart of Lavey London is rooted in sustainable and ethical practises. Opting for recycled precious metals instead of newly mined helps to prevent waste, preserve natural resources and reduce the negative environmental impact created by extractions. There is no loss to purity, value, or quality during the process, but huge ethical and sustainable gain from selecting a recycled piece.



Commissions are welcomed, whether that be a small adaptation of an existing design or a completely original piece. Whatever your budget, reach out using the chat function and we can work together to create your dream piece.